Helmut Adamski

Position: CEO & Chairman of IP500 Alliance

Helmut Adamski is a pioneer and leader in the IoT landscape and is currently CEO & Chairman of the IP500 Alliance. He has more than 25 years of experience in the High-Tech Industry, focused on  IoT and IT network solutions, wireless chip technologies as well as safety & security applications for smart buildings / facilities. As an Executive he led, grew and sold High-Tech companies on a global scale. He served as CEO at CoreNetiX, Swissphone and Funkwerk, as well as a Managing Director of SMS GmbH and Data I/O in Seattle, USA. Before, Helmut Adamski was in various positions as an Executive at Schneider & Koch (S&K) and as Project Manager at Digital Equipment (DEC) and CERN (Research Center, Geneva). Helmut Adamski has been an active part in the IEEE group for the 802.15.4 (b) wireless technical standard. He has an Engineering Degree in Electronics and attended Executive / MBA programs at the Institute of Excellence, San Diego and Stanford University, CA.