Presenter’s Guidelines


Presentation Template: Download here

  • The total time allotted to each Paper is 12 minutes. You should plan to speak for 10 minutes and leave 2 minutes for questions. Also, it is compulsory to follow the template of the LS18.
  • There is NO EXCUSE for using more than your allotted time. Rehearse your presentation several times; projecting slides and doing anything else you would otherwise expect to do at the meeting. It is a discourtesy to your audience, the Session Chair and the other speakers to exceed your allotted time. The Session Chairs are instructed to adhere to the printed schedule for the session. With parallel sessions this is critical to the overall success of the conference.
  • Presenters are required to present their paper as a live, offline or online (WeBex) presentation mode, followed by Q&A during their scheduled timeslot. Live presentation of Oral papers is a requirement for publication in IEEE Xplore. For online presenters, WeBex links will be provided by Email 2 days before conference.
  • Presentations should be clearly structured and should contain the essential elements of the accepted formal paper. Please include such content as the problem, the background, the innovative approach, the new results, and any comparative evaluation that the author wishes to present.
  • The presenter should prepare a reasonable number of PowerPoint slides, so as not to exceed the time limit. Typically, 1 slide is presented in 1 minute. Slides should not be overcrowded by text and graphics. Too much text should be avoided.
  • Please submit your FINAL PPT to us in advance by 5th June 2023. Submit your ppt at Incase, the size is large then please share drive link with open access with Link.